Carma: “Jessica, you’re already tired?! I’m more of a tea person, but I had some coffee this morning.”

It’s gonna be a looooong ride up to camp 😉

Off we go!

Graphic Novels

I need graphic novels for my collection
I need to get my mind off of the election
and anyways, it’s what we read
it’s what we need.
How about this: we read your book
every other day
so we don’t waste
the money that we pay
That’s what I think
It’s fine if it’s not what you think
but I think I kinda need a drink.


a leaf falls from a tree.
It is soft and silent.
It falls like a king on to a bed
of servants that carry him to
a resting place.
The leaf ignores all senses. It
will slip from your hand and
fall back down onto the wind,
but when it reaches the ground
all is peaceful.
The leaf is an arrogant thing