Bookmobile Comes to BNS!

What do you plan to read this summer?

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Hello, neighbor

For this lesson, we pretended to be Dutch children living in New Amsterdam. Like any child who walks around their neighborhood and is sent on errands, we got to know the shops on our block very well. At the end of the lesson, we gave other children a tour of our street and its workshops!

Do you live on De Heere, or Gansevoort?


Delilah explains where you should go if you need a haircut (or to be bled)
Two Dutch children living on De Heere Straet
Reading up about different colonial workshops


Emmy works with a small group
Eager to share about her favorite workshop!


Thank you Emmy for teaching this lesson!

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Getting to know our reading buddies

Last week our class met their reading buddies from Jenny’s class. Since the little ones are just getting to know us, we went down to their room. The first graders’ eyes were huge with wonder and excitement as big fourth graders entered the classroom, overpowering the tiny furniture. Soon little buddies had been introduced to big buddies, and everyone got into their reading…

Who is your child’s reading buddy? What is their favorite part of reading to the first graders?