Out of the mouths of babes…

I wish people in power knew…

That everyone is important and people can change if you give them a chance.


That I oppose power. I am an anarchist. A lot of Anarchists are bad, but I believe that freedom will bring out the good in people.


If you are in power hurting other people is not nice


You’re just like other people.


I wish Trump knew that lots of people have feelings not just himself.


I wish the people in power/Trump knew that we have it good there are people in Syria or war zones are starving getting killed and killing themselves because they have it bad and banning them is the last thing America should be doing is banning them.

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Curly trout update

If you haven’t already read about our curly trout in Anna’s weekly letter, skip to the bottom of this post! If not, keep reading!

Last week’s trout news

Last week Maddie wrote a poem for our friend curly trout, and hung it up in the classroom:


 The latest trout news

This Monday, our trout scientists discovered that curly trout had died. Avrie (one of the day’s trout scientists) immediately dashed off this eulogy and shared it with the class…

Curly trout

–a eulogy by Avrie

Curly trout oh
curly trout we
tried so hard to
keep you alive.
it was so dreadful
for you. everybody is
sad that you died
I am so sorry
for you curly trout
oh curly trout.

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