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camp life

Chess throwdown in the Longhouse
Proud member of team High Castle
Album cover?
Turkey vulture
One giant sleepover party
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Getting to know our reading buddies

Last week our class met their reading buddies from¬†Jenny’s class. Since the little ones are just getting to know us, we went down to their room. The first graders’ eyes were huge with wonder and excitement as big fourth graders entered the classroom, overpowering the tiny furniture. Soon little buddies had been introduced to big buddies, and everyone got into their reading…

Who is your child’s reading buddy? What is their favorite part of reading to the first graders?

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img_4278“A baby trout with oil in its egg :(“

It’s amazing to see how the children synthesize experiences. This postcard visually references our trout eggs, the rainbow swirls we saw on the Gowanus Canal months ago, and the dangers of the DAPL.

Marveling at the oil on the Gowanus. 



“How can something be so beautiful and so bad at the same time?”


The oil sheen really made an impression!
Bad small / oil / but it’s so pretty
Imagining a pipeline leak
And its effect on our trout
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Injustice Must Be Stopped

The black snake is ever advancing,*
Biting down walls of stone. Its followers,
Careless, brainless, have fought for environmental
Racism. Hungry for money, they are. But if
They eat too much cake they will get sick.
The Indigenous peoples choose life over
Cake. They care not for dollars and cents.
The D.A.P.D. comes down with endless
force. Its eyes blazing with fire. But then,
The water protectors still have the chance
To throw water into its fiery eyes.
Then it will give up.
D.A.P.L has gathered every single
Man of non-Indigenous skin for
A follower. Tearing burial sites and
all other Indigenous sacred land,
The black snake is ever advancing.


*black snake refers to D.A.P.L. by Indigenous religion