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In between visiting the Marine Park Salt Marsh and our trip to City That Drinks The Mountain Sky, students learned and experimented with making their own watersheds. After hypothesizing about mountain runoffs and where water will form reservoirs, students colored in their predictions and then watched what happened when it “rained.” First, groups got together and crumpled their butcher paper to make mountains and valleys:

. . . and then, when we simulated rain in their watershed, checked to see where the water was headed to pool:





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Craft rotations begin!

Heading back in time… the 4th grade classes all split up into small groups and began craft rotations to experience fun as the Lenape might have enjoyed it.  Corn husk dolls, shakers, snares, medicine bags, games and food were all on offer. Everyone will get to them all!

Using tools at hand to empty gourds for rattles.
Making art out of music.