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A big problem for Amber…

–Entry by Lola

March 19th, 1662

Dear journal,

Today I woke up with the sun rising in my window. I lay there for a minute, but then I rose, for I have work to be done. I got dressed in my sky blue dress with white flowers that used to be my mothers when she was a girl. Then I braided my hair, put it in a bun, and tied on my bonnet. Helena, the other indentured servant living with us, was wearing her mellow orange dress, with white birds and a white bonnet similar to mine. She was to clean the house with Peter every 

IMG_3118morning and make the beds. Then I woke Peter, went downstairs, and left him to get dressed. When I got downstairs to the kitchen, my apron was hanging by the hearth. I brought it over my head. I got out the grain to make porridge, and put it in a big pot on a hook over the fire. Then I poured water in the pot and lit the fire with flint and steel. I let it boil and then put the grain in. I looked in the cupboard and found there was only a small bit of sugar, bread and cheese left. Then I called for Peter to set the table. I brought the sugar, bread and cheese to the table, where I placed them and called “Meneer Hanuss, Miss Sara, breakfast is served!”

I heard their footsteps on the creaky wooden floor of the steps as I poured bitter beer into their cups for them to drink. After Miss Sara and Meneer Hanuss had finished their breakfast, before Peter and Helena had come to clear the table, I asked if I could go to the market. When Minheer Hanuss asked why, I simply said I needed more ingredients if they wanted to have food by lunch and I had to go right away. He said I could go, without a second thought. He had gotten kinder since the first time I met him. Then, before I left with a big bag of guilders, he said I could use the leftovers to trade for something I’d like.

I skipped up De Heere Gracht then up De Princes Gracht and turned right on Tuyun Street,and  by this time I was out of breath.  I needed flour, grain, meat (fish, pig, rabbit), and sugar. The rest I could get from the garden at home. I had just finished buying five pounds of sugar for only 4 guilders instead of 6. What a good deal I had made.  I now had 5 guilders left and was looking around for something when I saw 12 year old Sara running towards me calling my name desperately. As she ran towards me, she tripped over a bucket next to the schoolhouse that strayed from the well. I started to run towards her as she got up. I immediately asked her if she was okay. She responded with a stone face that she was alright then the words blurted out of my mouth “WHY WERE YOU RUNNING TOWARDS ME?!” She was so taken aback by my loud curious voice, for she knows me to be secretive and moderately quiet. I quickly apologized and asked her again in a quiet and less eager voice. It still took her a while to get it out. Then she finally spoke clearly. These were her exact words. “Your brother has been slacking with his work and my father is thinking of moving him to his my uncle’s farm in Holland…”