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Ridgewood Reservoir

Better late than never! Early spring trip to the Ridgewood Reservoir. Built in the 1800s, Ridgewood Reservoir still played an important part in keeping Brooklyn residents hydrated as recently as 1959. Originally, water that was stored in the reservoir traveled by aqueduct to steam-powered pumping stations!

Here are teams of engineers trying to design a successful aqueduct using straws and tape.


Lola’s face = the thrill of success!


Once they got their little aqueducts to work, the kids banded together to build a GIGANTIC aqueduct on the stairs.

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Choice time is the best time

The marble run continues to be a favorite
Ezra and Fidel play a game inspired by Magic cards
This game has been in the works since September!
Plus Plus is a popular newcomer on the scene
You can build 2-D or 3-D
Avrie’s scooter invention
Watching it go
Trying to find somewhere dark enough to try out Sophia’s projector invention. BNS is just too sunny!