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Another day in New Amsterdam

Lief dagboek,

Today I was sitting under the big tree when a Lenape trader walked up. He was carrying bever pelts. I dropped my lunch. “Welnik alapaek,” he said. I picked up my bread and threw it to a nearby varken. I stood up one of my klompen landed in my hutspot. Lenape traders never traveled this far into the city. “Goedemorgen?” I said uncertainly. I took out a string of sewan and asked “how much?” I picked out 3 strings of sewan and pointed at the one I wanted. I handed it over, I handed over the sewan. I admired my prize. I had thought I would have to go past the wall. I walked home and hung my prize on the wall. I was going to make it into a scarf tomorrow. I went upstairs. I had quite a lot of paperwork to fill out. My will was taking a long time. I stayed up till 12:00 ignoring the constant “all is well” from the rattle watch. I tossed and turned in my sleep. “It’s 1:00 and all is well” I heard from a distant place. I fell asleep and was suddenly woken up by a yell, “fire at the blacksmiths! Fire at the blacksmiths! Bring your buckets!” I get up and hastily got dressed, raced to the door, picked up my bucket and sped to the blacksmith. When I got there people were pouring bucket after bucket onto the blaze…