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Connected Worlds at the Hall of Science


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Can we go 1,000,000,000,000 more times please?



The coolest part of the hall of science was the interactive water exhibit. I liked it because it was a way of learning physically.


So today in the trip I learned that water is really important to plant life. So what we did was make sure water went in the four places. [The coolest part was] the water place, because they had to grow plants and it was like you had magic.


What is “Connected Worlds”? An interactive new exhibit which has (virtual) water at its center!

Presented in the iconic Great Hall, Connected Worlds immerses visitors in a fantastical animated world where your actions – gestures, movements, and decisions – impact how well the world is kept in balance.

There are six habitats in Connected Worlds: jungle, desert, wetlands, river valley, reservoir, and grasslands. Each has its own trees, plants, and animals, but they share a common supply of water.  The habitats are fed by a central waterfall that is projected 38-ft high in the exhibitions and flows out across an interactive floor that spans 2,300 square feet.  While interacting with Connected Worlds, visitors explore the interconnectedness of different habitats, strategize to keep systems in balance, and experience how individual and collective actions can have widespread impact.