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What a pro sounds like…

Reflecting on the Eastern Woodlands Museum


“It felt really weird to talk to laypeople because I usually talk to expert curators. I was amazed by how there was such a variety of work and people I expected to do one project did a totally different one.

I think my work is good because I thought my work stood out and I answered a lot of questions. I would like people to ask me more detailed questions.”


Out of the mouths of babes…

I wish people in power knew…

That everyone is important and people can change if you give them a chance.


That I oppose power. I am an anarchist. A lot of Anarchists are bad, but I believe that freedom will bring out the good in people.


If you are in power hurting other people is not nice


You’re just like other people.


I wish Trump knew that lots of people have feelings not just himself.


I wish the people in power/Trump knew that we have it good there are people in Syria or war zones are starving getting killed and killing themselves because they have it bad and banning them is the last thing America should be doing is banning them.

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Day 1 of the Fourth Grade Museum

Sign by William

Weapons for hunting and war
Answering questions
Interactive Display
Lacrosse team in action

Lessons learned: sewing on leather is painstaking work
Not our class, but a cool demonstration of hide-scraping
Teaching grandma how to shoot
Look out, Bambi!

Deadfall diorama is a big draw!
Demonstrating how a slipknot works
Waiting for visitors to arrive
Proud exhibitor