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Project Proposals

Museum preparation has begun in earnest, and the kids have eagerly completed their project proposals and submitted them to the museum directors (aka their teachers). They have big plans! Here are just some of their ideas…

Interactive diorama of a longhouse (Avrie)
Interactive game idea (Clementine)

Build a model wigwam!

  • Tati will teach visitors how to make a wigwam and how to make it stay in place. She wants to teach how they kept their home safe and the reason why the Lenape moved around so much.
  • Lola wants to build a wigwam diorama depicting a wintery scene. “It snowed overnight. The kids eat, get dressed and start to play in the snow. While the mom and her friend make snowshoes their husbands are getting ready for hunting.”

Design and sew clothes!

  • Remy and Carma want to teach about the difference between trading clothing and “regular clothing.” They are hoping to make life-size moccasins.

    A flageolet replica (Ezra)

Make a working trap!

  • Burke and Sophia want to build deadfalls and snares, respectively. Sophia says she wants “to make a special kind of snare that is a replica and a demonstration of the finger trap that we did in project time.”
Snare proposal (Sophia)
A deadly deadfall (Burke)