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Curly trout update

If you haven’t already read about our curly trout in Anna’s weekly letter, skip to the bottom of this post! If not, keep reading!

Last week’s trout news

Last week Maddie wrote a poem for our friend curly trout, and hung it up in the classroom:


 The latest trout news

This Monday, our trout scientists discovered that curly trout had died. Avrie (one of the day’s trout scientists) immediately dashed off this eulogy and shared it with the class…

Curly trout

–a eulogy by Avrie

Curly trout oh
curly trout we
tried so hard to
keep you alive.
it was so dreadful
for you. everybody is
sad that you died
I am so sorry
for you curly trout
oh curly trout.

November 2nd trout news (introducing “curly trout”)

On November 2nd we had an eventful morning meeting. One of the trout we are raising had hatched “different” from the others. Kids had started noticing this trout and wondering about it. In morning meeting we showed the class Ben Israel’s drawing of the different trout and said “what should we do?”  Clementine said “ask Barbara.”
Other kids’ answers are decidedly different, and beautiful…
We should…

Treat it like the other fish. If he was put in a different position than fish usually are [in the egg], it might be a phase and he will grow out of it. Also I know someone born without their legs and two of their fingers on both hands. Maybe it was born without its full tail so it always curls it up. Treat it like the other fish so it will start blending in with them and maybe he will start uncurling his tail. –Xeta

I agree with Xeta that we should just treat him other ways and find a way to take care of him so he feels happier. He might have to stay in the basket a little bit longer. That might help him because he can sort of slowly start to swim. And then when he gets into the big tank he’ll be okay. –Lola

We could put it in a different tank so it could be born different. All the other trout are bigger and that one might be swimming small, so we could buy a different big tank and put it inside that tank. –Shanti

It needs extra care, because it might not get along with the other trout just because its tail is curved. So maybe we could try a big enough plastic container. If that works maybe we could get a glass one that’s more comfortable. –Remy

(almost everyone agreed with Shanti’s idea once she said it)


I don’t think he should be in his own tank because he has to be social. Because when we release him if he’s still alive he wont know what to do with all the other people. –Xavier

I think we should treat that trout very the best. We should give it extra care. If you give it extra care it might get healthier and get better. If it gets extra care than the others who don’t need extra care cause they’re already good enough, it could grow to be like the other ones who don’t need extra care. –Max