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Poetry from a science notebook

When the trout first got released from the hatchery baskets
they just stay in the same
place like there’s an imaginary

they look like they’re flying
or being hung from the ceiling

they’re just exploring like
explorers exploring a jungle

–Xavier (12/9/16)

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Math news

Our final addition and subtraction assessment was this past Thursday. The children are able to solve addition and subtraction problems involving multiple steps and numbers with five digits. They can represent word problems using tape diagrams. They are comfortable with our place value system and can work with numbers up to the hundred-thousands.

This week we are moving on to multiplication and division!

Ways to support your child with multiplication

  • If you would like to learn more about how the Engage NY curriculum tackles these topics, visit Engage NY Curriculum. We will begin the Engage NY multiplication “module” (their word for unit) after the December break.
  • Now is the time to begin reviewing multiplication facts, if you haven’t already! Kids who know their facts and can easily remember multiplication combinations for numbers 1 through 12 will have a much easier time doing two-digit by two-digit multiplication, which is the expectation for fourth grade.

Songs and rhymes for learning multiplication facts:

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Fish Anatomy

Today we looked closely at fish from the fish store!

Keep learning from home!

Some websites for further learning about fish anatomy: