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Water Protectors in action

Inspired by the videos they have seen of native Water Protectors who are trying to prevent the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the kids made postcards and mailed them to President Obama and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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Wigwam Celebration

A peaceful and healing wigwam celebration. Thank you Nancye and Jeff for making it possible!

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Nancye tells a story
“Did you see the stories the smoke’s been telling?”
Our wigwam: cozy, warm, aromatic, and spacious

A glass of crude oil

Why are you doing this to the world? We all need water to live. You should treat people the way you want to be treated. Do you want me to come to your house and offer you a glass of crude oil? No! Of course you don’t but then why are [you] doing that to the native americans? Spraying mace in their eyes and beat them with bats. Your treating them *like* bricks.


(asked what he meant when he wrote “bricks” on his postcard he said, “it’s a metaphor”)

Please Obama stop pipeline and this mad environmental racism in January he who must not be named (T***p) will be president so you have to do something good


How would you like it if I started fracking in the McMillan Reservoir

Treat people the way they want to be treated


(“What’s the name of a reservoir that feeds into Washington, D.C.? I need to google it for my postcard”)

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Swimming-up Stage!

Before they even get their backpacks off, they just have to check the tank. And today, this is what they saw!


The trout are finally at the “swimming-up stage.” Or as the kids put it, “they’re flying!” It’s so nice to have a hopeful start to the morning.

Today’s trout scientists
“How many do we have, Delilah?” “29 plus!”
Testing pH. Some kids want the pH to change, just for the novelty!
Team-work for the ammonia test
phew! All’s well with the water chemistry
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Words Before All Else

We want to expose our students to native voices as much as possible. Rather than reading them the Haudanosaunee thanksgiving address- the “words before all else”-ourselves, we played them native storyteller Kay Olan’s version. The kids drew what they were visualizing as they listened.


Thanks to grandmother moon
all of creation


the stars in the night sky
the animals, the four winds, the birds, the fish, the thunder beings

Graphic Novels

I need graphic novels for my collection
I need to get my mind off of the election
and anyways, it’s what we read
it’s what we need.
How about this: we read your book
every other day
so we don’t waste
the money that we pay
That’s what I think
It’s fine if it’s not what you think
but I think I kinda need a drink.


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Don’t talk about my reading like that

I really like reading
there is only one time I
can read, which is reading
I wish I can read
I will do anything to read
hate not reading.