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I’m writing this poem
From inside of my egg.
And it’s rather wet in here.
I don’t really like being
In here and I want to
Break out!
So in a few weeks
I will wriggle and wriggle myself out
Of this old egg
To the sunny stream.

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Modeling Photosynthesis

Thank you Barbara for leading this chemistry lesson!

Why, and how, do plants release oxygen? Using gum-ball models of molecules, we discovered that when plants break down H20 and carbon dioxide to make sugar, oxygen atoms are left over!

Building the ingredients plants need: water and carbon dioxide molecules
Each group first built the reactants needed for photosynthesis: 3 water molecules and 3 carbon dioxide molecules
After taking the water and carbon dioxide molecules apart, students used their atoms to build a sugar molecule
Sugar molecules are long!
Ta da! 1 sugar molecule to give the plant energy; lots of (yellow) oxygen molecules left over for us to breathe!