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Fry 1, Fry 2

Story by Ezra

Fry 1

Inside the egg I am snug and warm. The waves of the lake roll fiercely above me. I can see them above my bed of gravel. I am safe, warm and I have no troubles inside the egg. I am constantly being nourished. Time passes, it is time for me to hatch. I am scared. “What is the world like outside my warm, small bed of gravel” I think. “I will at least give it a try though” I decide. I wiggle around wildly and then WOMP!!! I come out, but not my whole body, just my tail! It feels strange to be out in the lake. I look around me. I see sack-fry sort of like me–some wriggling out of their eggs, some already like me. I want to join the others. I wriggle as fast as I can! KRAK! I get out! I look around me. This feels so new and different! I can swim along the bottom of the lake! I wriggle towards my siblings the other sack fry. I am almost there when a big wave comes. WHAP! The tide is carrying me towards a rock! THRAKOOM! I am hurled by the wave towards a rock! Blood spills everywhere! Then everything goes black.

Fry 2

THRAKOOM! One of my siblings is smashed against a rock. I am a brook trout sack fry. I have been out of my egg for one day now. Us sack fry play with each other a lot! As the days pass we grow bigger and stronger. The other young sack-fry admire me. I was the first one to hatch. Over the weeks we grow bigger, until it is time to leave our redd and explore. I, am fearless! We travel out of our redd, we are now fingerlings. Soon we reach a shallow part of the lake with some seaweed. We stay together. There is a rustle in the seaweed. A water scorpion comes out and pinches a Trout very close to me. The Trout scatter around frantically. Many are killed but I survive. “I am Invincible!” I think, before my mother comes from behind me and swallows me whole.

Trout scientist testing the water quality


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