a leaf falls from a tree.
It is soft and silent.
It falls like a king on to a bed
of servants that carry him to
a resting place.
The leaf ignores all senses. It
will slip from your hand and
fall back down onto the wind,
but when it reaches the ground
all is peaceful.
The leaf is an arrogant thing


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Chalking the sidewalks of Carrol Gardens

on this spot: hills and forests
proud creator of “this was once a hill”


I liked when there’s wetlands 400 years ago and then there’s a totally different place and you have to draw the differences. –Camilo

I liked when we got to trace the path from where you walked. –Max

overflowing with life


I liked how we got to tell people that were walking on the sidewalk what type of landform it was 400 years ago. I liked their expressions. –Xavier


I really liked when it was like we were in a village and we just automatically walked into wetland. I thought it was really fun because we went two or three blocks down and the whole entire space just totally was different, the land. It felt like we were on a different piece of land. It reminded me of how things are upstate. –Avrie


I think it’s really sad because there used to be a lot of green 400 years ago and now there’s barely any. –Clementine

how did we know what was here? We used a historical map!

I liked when we got to look at the maps and then draw with chalk what it said. –carma

I kind of liked looking on the map and finding out that we had just gone from forest and hills to a beautiful marsh. But it was really just sidewalks. –Lola